Light your oasis. With well placed outdoor lights, your home or property will look amazing.

LED Outdoor Lighting Intallation

LED Outdoor Lighting

See the savings! There are several benefits to using LED lighting throughout your property. LED lighting not only uses less energy to operate, but LED lights are extremely durable and last much longer. This translates into big savings for you. The benefits of LED lighting include: durability, sustainability, and energy cost savings. Go green with LED lighting today!
Uplighting Landscape Techniques


Lighting techniques are used to aim either surface mounted or recessed fixtures upward. This creates a dramatic effect that demands attention-thereby establishing focal points. Most commonly, uplighting is used to illuminate a specimen plant by placing two or more spot light fixtures at the base and angling them upward, illuminating both the bark and canopy. Boulders, sculptures and garden structures can also be highlighted. Several effects can add range and sophistication to a lighting project.
Outdoor Downlighting


Like uplighting, downlighting is a general term that describes a group of effects that places the illuminating source above the target area. Downlighting can be used to light specific garden elements and pedestrian areas or to illuminate large spaces for safety, security or recreational purposes.
Path Lighting Installation

Path Lighting

The most visible source of lighting equipment comes from path lights. Pathlighting should be used to draw attention to pedestrian hazards such as grade changes or to illuminate surfaces that can't be reached by downlighting from trees, eaves and other architectural elements or integral wall mounted fixtures.
Outdoor Speciality Lighting

Specialty Lighting

Specialty lighting utilizes techniques to custom light unique landscape or architectural features. Knowing how to take advantage of these special products and techniques can greatly enhance a desinger's capabilities.
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